The Lumbering Dead

1-15-2012 (First Session)

The Group found themselves needing to find secure shelter that can be well defended and also used as a base of operations. Airport, Shopping Mall, Office Building all came to mind but the one that the group decided on was the County Prison within the city. It was only a 2 hour walk, the group decided it would be best to make it there in the dark. They encountered a few of the mindless dead but were able to immobilize one and escape the rest.

The group found themselves at the county jail…eerily the city was quiet. No car noise, no construction noise, nothing…not even moaning of the undead. The lobby contained two undead which were dispatched in about 15 seconds. The team proceeded through the administrations area of the jail where they found a zombie guard. After turning his head into a kazoo they were able to obtain a ring of keys as well as his body armor.

New Items -
Class I Body Armor
Jail Keys
.45 ammo
60 dollars

9-21-2011 to 9-27-2011

Over the last few months there have been reports of a virus that has been spreading over Europe. New reporters compared it to the bird flu or swine flu. One reporter actually called it a goat flu. Just recently there have been reports of it spreading to epidemic levels, just like the swine flu.

A couple days ago an online video went viral of a man trying to escape cannibals.

Russian soldiers attacked by cannibals


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